1987 Asian Club Championship

1987 Asian Club Championship
Tournament details
Dates ?? – November 1987
Teams 22
Final positions
Champions Japan Yomiuri FC (1st title)
Runners-up Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal
Tournament statistics
Matches played 43
Goals scored 152 (3.53 per match)

The 1987 Asian Club Championship was the 7th edition of the annual Asian club football competition hosted by Asian Football Confederation. Several Asian clubs started the qualifying round in Fall of 1987.

Yomiuri FC (Japan) became the second Japanese club to win the Asian Championship.

Qualifying round

Group 1

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Kuwait Kazma SC 6430161+5
Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal 5421163+3
Bahrain Muharraq 4420257−2
United Arab Emirates Al-Nasr 3411234−1
Oman Fanja 2410349−5

All matches were played in Kuwait.

Match 1 Kazma SC 0–1 Al-Hilal
Match 2 Muharraq 0–1 Al-Nasr
Match 3 Kazma SC 3–0 Muharraq
Match 4 Al-Hilal 0–0 Al-Nasr
Match 5 Al-Hilal 3–0 Fanja
Match 6 Kazma SC 1–0 Al-Nasr
Match 7 Muharraq 2–1 Fanja
Match 8 Kazma SC 2–0 Fanja
Match 9 Al-Hilal 2–3 Muharraq
Match 10 Al-Nasr 2–3 Fanja

Group 2

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Iraq Al Rasheed 84400232+21
India Mohun Bagan AC 54211126+6
Bangladesh Mohammedan SC 542111210+2
Nepal Manang Marsyangdi 24103819−11
Pakistan PAF FC 04004321−18

All matches were played in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Match 1 Al Rasheed 2–0 Mohun Bagan AC
Match 2 Mohammedan SC 6–2 Manang Marsyangdi
Match 3 Al Rasheed 5–1 Mohammedan SC
Match 4 Mohun Bagan AC 6–1 Manang Marsyangdi
Match 5 Mohun Bagan AC 4–1 PAF FC
Match 6 Al Rasheed 6–1 Manang Marsyangdi
Match 7 Mohammedan SC 3–1 PAF FC
Match 8 Al Rasheed 10–0 PAF FC
Match 9 Mohun Bagan AC 2–2 Mohammedan SC
Match 10 Manang Marsyangdi 4–1 PAF FC

Group 3

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Thailand Bangkok Bank FC 3211070+7
Sri Lanka Air Force SC 22020110
Maldives Victory SC 1201118−7

All matches were played in Malé, Maldives.

Match 1 Bangkok Bank FC 0–0 Air Force SC
Match 2 Bangkok Bank FC 7–0 Victory SC
Match 3 Air Force SC 1–1 Victory SC

Group 4

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Malaysia Federal Territory 53210101+9
Indonesia Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian 4320183+5
Singapore Tiong Bahru CSC 3311135−2
Brunei Kota Rangers FC 03003416−12

All matches were played in Bandung, Indonesia.

Match 1 Federal Territory 2–0 Tiga Berlian
Match 2 Tiong Bahru CSC 3–2 Kota Rangers FC
Match 3 Federal Territory 0–0 Tiong Bahru CSC
Match 4 Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian 5–1 Kota Rangers FC
Match 5 Federal Territory 8–1 Kota Rangers FC
Match 6 Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian 3–0 Tiong Bahru CSC

Group 5

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
China August 1st 4220050+5
North Korea April 25 2210123−1
Macau Hap Kuan 0200215−4

All matches were played in Dalian, China PR.

Match 1 August 1st 2–0 April 25
Match 2 August 1st 3–0 Hap Kuan
Match 3 April 25 2–1 Hap Kuan

Group 6

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Japan Yomiuri FC 4220030+3
Hong Kong South China AA 0200203−3

All matches were played home & away.

10 September 1987 South China AA 0–1 Yomiuri FC
8 October 1987 Yomiuri FC 2–0 South China AA


Group A

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal 4220061+5
Iraq Al Rasheed 2210173+4
Thailand Bangkok Bank FC 02002110−9

All matches were played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Match 1 Al-Hilal 2–1 Al Rasheed
Match 2 Al-Hilal 4–0 Bangkok Bank FC
Match 3 Al Rasheed 6–1 Bangkok Bank FC

Group B

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Japan Yomiuri FC 4320142+2
Malaysia Federal Territory 4312032+1
Kuwait Kazma SC 33111330
China August 1st 1301214−3

All matches were played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3 November 1987 Yomiuri FC 2–1 Kazma SC
3 November 1987 Federal Territory 1–1 August 1st
5 November 1987 Yomiuri FC 0–1 Federal Territory
5 November 1987 Kazma SC 1–0 August 1st
7 November 1987 Yomiuri FC 2–0 August 1st
7 November 1987 Federal Territory 1–1 Kazma SC


1 The final was scratched and Yomiuri FC were awarded the championship as Al-Hilal were unable to participate in the final as 9 of the starting players were chosen to be in the national team's preparation camp which clashed with the final.


1987 Asian Club Championship
Yomiuri FC
First Title


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