Asaf Duraković

Asaf Duraković (born May 16, 1940) is a Croatian physician of Bosniak ancestry and expert in nuclear medicine and depleted uranium.[1][2][3] He is also known for his poetry and verses.

Duraković was born in Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina and educated at the University of Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia where he earned both master's and doctoral degrees. During this time he worked at the Ruđer Bošković Institute. Afterwards he continued with post-doctoral work at Oxford University. In 1968 he immigrated to Canada, where he attended McMaster University in Hamilton.[4] He worked at the University of Toronto, the University of Washington, and University of Rochester (UofR). He has been associated with the Croatian Literary Journal.[5] Durakovic is the one of the co-founders of Croatian Islamic Centre in Etobicoke, Toronto. Construction was over on June 23, 1973. Its mosque is the oldest in Toronto. The minaret is Osmani-style and it is the oldest minaret in Ontario.[6]

In 1990, Duraković was one of the founders of the Croatian Muslim Democratic Party, formed in Zagreb.

Dr. Duraković, a former U.S. army Colonel, was Chief of the Nuclear Sciences Division of the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, and worked at the VA hospital in Wilmington, DE; he's been fired and blacklisted for refusing to discontinue his work on (medical problems of army Veterans caused by) DU and other kinds[7] of WDU (Weapons Derived Uranium).[8] To continue his work, he founded and is Medical Research Director of the Toronto-based Uranium Medical Research Centre. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of and contributor to the Croatian Medical Journal.[9]

Duraković also founded the World Life Institute,[10] an international non-profit humanitarian organization based in Orleans County, New York.





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