Street in the center of Ariana

Location in Tunisia

Coordinates: 36°51′45″N 10°11′44″E / 36.86250°N 10.19556°E / 36.86250; 10.19556Coordinates: 36°51′45″N 10°11′44″E / 36.86250°N 10.19556°E / 36.86250; 10.19556
Country Tunisia
Governorate Ariana
  Total 209 sq mi (542 km2)
Population (2014[1])
  Total 114,486
Time zone CET (UTC1)

Aryanah (Tunisian Arabic: أريانة  Ariana) is a coastal city in north-eastern Tunisia, part the agglomeration of Tunis, also called "Grand Tunis". It is located at the north of Tunis city center, around 36°51′45″N 10°11′44″E / 36.86250°N 10.19556°E / 36.86250; 10.19556. It is the capital of Ariana Governorate and the country's eighth largest city.

The city's name seems to date back to the period of the Vandal kingdom in Africa: the Vandals, in fact, were of Arian faith.

The city's origins date back to Ziriti. Under the Hafsid sultan Muhammad I al-Mustansir Ariana became the residence of the Sephardic Jewish aristocracy and Muslim Andalusian, who sought refuge in Tunisia in the thirteenth century.


The Essalam Mosque in Ennasr 


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