Artistic Billiards World Championship

The Artistic Billiards World Championship was a carom billiards tournament in the discipline of artistic billiards, organized mostly by the Confédération International de Billard Artistique.

Raymond Steylaerts of Belgium won the tournament more times 6 than any other player. The current champion is Serdar Gümüş from Turkey.

List of champions

This is the list of Artistic Billiards World Champions, since 1937 (years not shown are years in which the event was not held). The winners have been mainly be Europeans, more commonly Belgians.

Year Champion Nationality
1937 August Tiedtke  Germany
1939 René Vingerhoedt  Belgium
1957 Joaquin Domingo  Spain
1970 Raymond Steylaerts  Belgium
1972 Lee Corin  Belgium
1974 Ricardo Fernandez  Spain
1975 Lee Corin  Belgium
1979 Raymond Steylaerts  Belgium
1983 Lee Corin  Belgium
1984 Raymond Steylaerts  Belgium
1985 Jean Bessems  Netherlands
1986 Raymond Steylaerts  Belgium
1988 Jean Bessems  Netherlands
1990 Jean Reverchon  France
1991 Frans Belderbos  Netherlands
1992 Jean Reverchon  France
1993 Xavier Fonellosa  Spain
1996 Jean Reverchon  France
2002 Roberto Rojas  Mexico
2006 Sander Jonen  Netherlands
2008 Haci Arap Yaman  Turkey
2009 Eric Daelman  Belgium
2011 Sander Jonen  Netherlands
2012 Serdar Gümüş  Turkey


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