Ariel López Padilla

Ariel López Padilla

Ariel López Padilla
(1962-08-12) August 12, 1962
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México Children:Maria Lopez Levy Santiago Lopez Mancilla

Julia Lopez Mancilla

Ariel López Padilla was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, on August 12, 1962. Being the second of three brothers, Francisco and Horacio the other two, this "sandwich brother" has always been of restless nature and avid for attention, there the root of his multiple facets like actor, plastic artist, dancer, sportsman, writer, painter, teacher and who knows what else might come into his head.

Early young he showed an outstanding ability for acting: countless are the family anecdotes where Ariel displayed his gift taking you from laughter with diverse jokes, imitations, funny remarks, as well as trying to manipulate you with a tear or two. Dunia Zaldívar, his aunt and who already counted with some years as an actress, shared with him acting techniques, selected literature, examples and other guides that introduced him formally and with a lot of affection to this art.

As expected, he studied the career of performance arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara and participated in several productions where he quickly distinguished, especially in comic papers. Something that still highlights him in his personal life: he is the best telling jokes! Motivated to have a better figure in his adolescence (in that time he was fat) he became fan of basketball, sport that he still practices.

However, his true passion has always been the classic ballet. He studied in the best academies of Guadalajara and later was hired as a dancer by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (I.N.B.A.) in Mexico City. His dedication and perseverance through several years led him to take courses and workshops about dance, participating in countries like Mexico (practically the whole Mexican republic), Cuba, France, Germany, United States and the extinct URSS, where he had the privilege auditioned for the Bolshoi Ballet in the capital, Moscow.

As all careers based on the physical force, Ariel knew that he had to return to its innate vocation: acting. He gave up at I.N.B.A. as a dancer to participate in the production of Cats The Musical. He enrolled to Televisa’s Centro de Educación Artística just to claim what he has always been born. Ariel was discovered by Eugenio Cobo, CEA's Principal, allowing him to have his first sporadic but constant appearances in multiple TV shows and eventually to take his first main papers in soap operas like “La Pícara Soñadora” (Dir. Raquel Parot, Prod. Valentin Pimstein) y “De Frente Al Sol” (Dir. Miguel Corcega, Prod. Carla Estrada).

His jump to the fame definitively made it with the soap opera Corazón salvaje, the third adaptation to the TV screen of the novel written by Caridad Bravo Adams, directed by Alberto Cortez and produced by José Rendón. This adaptation had the luck of capturing the pleasure and popularity of the TV viewers who had the fortune of seeing the acting of Edith González, the deceased Eduardo Palomo and Ana Colchero in a production where Alberto Cortez made gala of an unprecedented visual language using all his experience as a cinema director.

At present time he lives in Miami and has been invited to collaborate in productions with international projection for the audience of Latin America.

He is married to a show business executive and both have been sharing their lives in love and harmony. He was married to Mariana Levy who died from a heart attack after a failed armed robbery attempt in Mexico City. With Mariana he had the opportunity to become father of a girl: María (born on March 28, 1996).


Ariel has a strange compulsion to acquire shoes of all type, color, style and brands. Frequently, he starts a search for extremely comfortable footwear and for the most diverse use: from some simple sandals, the most fine and exclusive moccasins, all terrain mountain climbing certified boots, until his favorite ones, sport shoes ("tennis shoes") that usually involve the highest vanguard and technology in comfort, flexibility, durability, style, etc. Finding out the origin of this footwear’s obsession, Ariel explains that is a kind of acting exercise because he considers that a character expresses his essence, nature and personality through the footwear. It is a common practice in Ariel when a new role is assigned to match the most appropriate pair of shoes so he can “get into the part” faster.


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