Argentina national cricket team

Association Argentine Cricket Association
ICC status Associate (1974 (1974))
ICC region ICC Americas
WCL n/a (regional tournaments)
Coach Daniel Sutton
First international
Argentina Argentina v. Uruguay 
First-class debut
Argentina Argentina v. MCC England
(Buenos Aires, Argentina; 18 February 1912)
List A debut
Argentina Argentina v. Oman 
(Windhoek, Namibia; 24 November 2007)
World Cup Qualifier
Appearances 6 (first in 1979)
Best result First round (1979; 1986–2001)
As of 4 September 2015

The Argentina national cricket team is the team that represents the country of Argentina in international cricket matches. The team is organised by the Argentina Cricket Association (ACA), which became an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1974.

With the sport having been introduced by British immigrants, Argentina played its first international cricket match in 1868, against Uruguay, with fixtures against Brazil and Chile following in 1888 and 1893, respectively.[1] Beginning in 1912, there were regular visits from English teams, including the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) on two occasions. On four of those tours, matches between the Argentine national side and the visiting team were accorded first-class status, making for thirteen first-class matches in total between 1912 and 1938.[2] Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, the mainstays of South American cricket, commenced regular international matches in the 1920s, which have continued into the present-day (outside of the period surrounding World War II).[3] The South American Championship was created in 1995 by those three teams and Peru, and is now held annually. Argentina has been the dominant team at the championship, winning seven out of the eleven tournaments held, and consequently has sent only development sides since 2000.

Argentina made its ICC tournament debut at the 1979 ICC Trophy in England, which was the first event staged only for associate members. The team failed to appear at the subsequent 1982 edition, but from 1986 to 2001 appeared in five consecutive tournaments. However, Argentina only won its first match at the 1994 tournament, when it defeated East and Central Africa.[4] The team won four matches in division two at the 2001 edition, but has made no further appearances in what has now been renamed the World Cup Qualifier. In the early 2000s, Argentina was one of the leading associates in the ICC Americas region, and in 2007, when the World Cricket League (WCL) was established, the side was placed into Division Three. Promoted into Division Two later in the year, it was immediately relegated, and continued to drop divisions over the following years. Finally, after placing fourth at the 2013 Division Six event, Argentina lost its place in the global tournament system. The team is yet to re-qualify, instead competing only in regional tournaments.



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Cricket has been played in Argentina since 1806, with the international side making its first appearance in 1868 against Uruguay. Argentina faced Uruguay 29 times up until World War II, winning 21 of the matches. The team had previously played against Brazil in 1888 and then against Chile in 1893. For its first match against Chile, the national team had to travel to Santiago by crossing the Andes by mule, which took three and a half days.

First-class cricket

Argentina first played first-class cricket in 1912 against the MCC.[5] The national team played a three match series against the visitors, winning the first game,[6] but losing the second[7] and third.[8] The teams were made up almost exclusively of British expatriates who were mostly employed on the railways, in export or in farming.[9]

Between the wars, infrequent fixtures were played against Brazil and Argentina, and were at that time included in Wisden's cricket records.[10] First-class matches were played against an elderly[11] MCC side in 1926/27, Sir Julien Cahn's XI in 1930 and Sir Theodore Brinckman's XI in 1937/38.[5] The four-match series against the MCC was lost 2–1, with one game drawn.[12] The three-match series against Sir Julien Cahn's XI finished with two draws, Cahn's XI winning the first game[13] and the series against Brinkman's XI was drawn 1–1.[14] That series was Argentina's last involvement in first-class cricket to date.[5]

Players and clubs

J.H. Paul, captain of the national team in 1925.

In 1932 a South American team (consisting mainly of Argentine-based players) toured England. It played seven first class matches and twelve other fixtures.[15]

A two match series against Chile in December 1938 was won by Argentina,[16] the second match of which saw the interesting occurrence of Argentina's Alfred Jackson playing against his brother John Jackson.[17]

Leading players during this period were the Ayling brothers, K Bush (who also played for Brazil), D Cavanagh, Herbert Dorning (the so-called "Grand Old Man of Argentine Cricket") and Donald Forrester.[9]

A strong club scene existed until the 1950s with Belgrano, BACA, Lomas and Hurlingham. This resulted in a relatively strong national side. Railway and Bank teams disbanded after the war along with the formerly strong San Isidro side. The national side sank to a low level, being heavily beaten by MCC in 1958–59.[18]

By 2010, cricket had made some positive strides in Argentina even if the national side was struggling somewhat.

San Jorges, Lomas, Belgrano, Hurlingham and San Albano were as strong as they had been for some time along with Buenos Aires Cricket and Rugby Club, which was once again fielding sides after a long absence. Bedes Grammar School and Club Atletico Rosario were both working their way through the lower divisions of the domestic league and supplying many players to the national age group squads, while an Academy side had been introduced into the First Division in response to the growing number of young players from the Italian/Spanish majority that were taking up the sport.

Previously the club competition had been kept alive largely by Anglo-Argentines – many of whom were descendants of well known cricketing identities in the country going right back to the early 20th century. In all, more than 30 teams at senior level comprised from the eight clubs were competing in four divisions and there was also a quickly growing ladies league.

ICC Trophy

Argentina participated in the first ICC Trophy in 1979[19] but missed the second in 1982 which was played in England and started only two days after the conclusion of Falklands War.[20] They returned for the 1986 ICC Trophy[21] and played in every one following that until the 2001 event. They did not qualify for the 2005 tournament.[22]

Americas Championship

The Argentina team of 1921.

Argentina hosted and won the first South American Championship in 1995[23] and still play in the tournament today, though they now send an "A" team.[24] They also participated in the first ICC Americas Championship in 2000, finishing 5th.[25] MCC visited again in March 2001, winning both matches.[26]

Argentina hosted the Americas Championship in 2002, finishing sixth.[27] MCC toured again in 2004, drawing the series 1–1.[28] Later that year, Argentina finished 5th in the Americas Championship.[29]

In 2006, the Americas Championship was split into two divisions and Argentina were placed in Division Two. They won the Division Two tournament and were promoted to Division One in Canada that August,[30] where they finished 5th.[31]

In 2008 they finished 5th with only one victory coming against newcomers Suriname. The inclusion of coach Hamish Barton in the team proved successfully specially when he scored 99 not out against Canada. Argentina ended being beaten in a nail-biting finish by 1 wicket.

World Cricket League

This originally qualified them for Division Five of the World Cricket League, but they were placed in Division Three following the suspension of the USA from international cricket.[32] They finished as runners-up to Uganda in the tournament and qualified for Division Two in Windhoek, Namibia.

Following their promotion, in November 2007, Argentina traveled to Namibia to take part in Division Two of the ICC World Cricket League. They played Denmark, the hosts, Oman and the UAE in addition to the other qualifier from Division Three; Uganda. Division Two proved to be a step too far for Argentina, as they lost all their group matches and then lost to Uganda in a positional playoff and finished sixth. On the basis of their sixth-place finish in this tournament, Argentina were relegated back to Division Three for the 2009 tournament which Argentina hosted from 24 to 31 January 2009. However, Argentina again struggled, losing all five of their games to finish bottom of the table and were relegated to the Division Four. In Division 4 their downfall continued and lost all the games thus relegated to Division Five. Then again in Division 5 they lost all the matches and have now been relegated to Division Six. Argentina have lost considerable form over time and with present ways they may go down the WCL structure.

In 2013, Argentina took part in Division Six of the World Cricket League and came fourth. In normal circumstances it meant they will play Div 6 in 2015 but ICC is going for a change of structure of World Cricket League and Argentina might go out of the WCL Structure unless they fight back which looks tough.


Tournament history

World Cricket League

ICC Trophy

ICC Americas Championship



Performances by Argentina cricketers in World Cricket League matches since 2007

Current players
Name Matches Runs Wickets
Martin Siri 22 502 0
Bernardo Irigoyen 9 149 0
Pablo Ferguson 34 409 0
Lucas Paterlini 27 427 31
Gary Savage 33 371 36
Alejandro Ferguson 30 458 0
Matias Paterlini 34 536 13
Esteban MacDermott 36 283 29
Hernan Williams 13 122 0
Augustin Casime 14 35 8
F Duggan 3 23 0
Lautaro Musiani 4 10 2
Pedro Bruno 6 17 0
Hernan Fennell 12 15 11
Former players
Name Matches Runs Wickets
Pablo Ryan 14 51 15
Grant Dugmore 14 227 2
Alejo Tissera 5 66 4
David Mauro 2 8 0
Tomas Francis 8 73 0
Carlos Gibson 5 73 0
Donald Forrester 22 353 2
Diego Lord 24 120 32
Hamish Barton 6 62 4
Esteban Nino 13 4 14

Performances by Argentina cricketers in World Cricket League matches since 2007

Highest Scores

Best bowling figures

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