Ardian Syaf

Ardian Syaf
Born Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesian
Area(s) Penciller
Notable works
Batgirl, Brightest Day and Welcome to the Jungle

Nominee for Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2009 (for Welcome to the Jungle)

Nominee for Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2010 Captain Britain and MI13 Volume 3: Vampire State

Ardian Syaf is a comic book artist. He has worked for DC Comics,[1] Marvel Comics, and Dynamite.

Ardian started his career in 2007, illustrating The Dresden Files for Dabel Brothers Publishing. That lasted for 11 issues. 'Take a Chance' written by novelist C. E. Murphy was published after that, although in fact that was written, and drawn, first. Then after signing to the Spanish agency, Utopia Studio. Ardian became a fill-in artist for Marvel Comics. He drew 2 issues of Nightcrawler, and later Captain Britain & MI 13. In 2009, he signed exclusively to DC. He then re-signed with DC in 2012.[2]

His major influence is Hermann Huppen, a Belgian comic artist. "I would want to work on an Indonesian project with a friend. Tomb Raider meets magic combining with the superstitious beliefs of Indonesia. Friends keep asking me to do my own story. One day".[3]

Published work


Artist (combined pencils and inks)






For Del Rey/Dabel Brothers Publishing.

For Panini Comics


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