Arc de Triomf station

Arc de Triomf
Rodalies de Catalunya and Barcelona Metro interchange complex

Rodalies de Catalunya station in 2007
Coordinates 41°23′30.33″N 2°10′48.69″E / 41.3917583°N 2.1801917°E / 41.3917583; 2.1801917Coordinates: 41°23′30.33″N 2°10′48.69″E / 41.3917583°N 2.1801917°E / 41.3917583; 2.1801917
Owned by
  • Adif (Rodalies station)
  • TMB (Barcelona Metro station)
Operated by
Platforms 2 side platforms for each station
Tracks 2 for each station
Structure type Underground
Bicycle facilities Bicing station located nearby
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code
  • 78804 (Rodalies station)[1]
  • 128 (Barcelona Metro station)
Fare zone 1 (ATM Àrea de Barcelona and Rodalies de Catalunya's Barcelona commuter rail service)
  • 1932 (Barcelona Metro station)
  • 1933 (Rodalies station)
Preceding station   Rodalies de Catalunya   Following station
toward Molins de Rei
toward L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
toward Sant Vicenç de Calders
toward Manresa
toward L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
toward Portbou
toward L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Preceding station   Metro   Following station
toward Fondo
Arc de Triomf station

Location within Barcelona

Arc de Triomf is a Rodalies de Catalunya and Barcelona Metro interchange complex. It is named after the adjacent triumphal arch of the same name near which it is situated, in the Barcelona district of Eixample in Catalonia, Spain. The Rodalies station is served by Barcelona commuter rail service lines R1, R3, R4 and R7, as well as Girona commuter rail service line RG1 and regional line R12. The Barcelona Metro station is served by TMB-operated line L1.

The complex is located near Estació del Nord, Barcelona's main bus station.

Station layout

Rodalies de Catalunya railway station is located under Avinguda Vilanova between Passeig de San Joan and Nàpols street. It was opened in 1933 as a prolongation to the city center on Puigcerdà and Manresa lines which had its terminus station in Estació del Nord, situated near the current railway station. It has two groups of accesses, one in Passeig de Sant Joan and the other one in Nàpols street. The accesses to the platforms are equipped with fixed stairs and both go to the same hall, where there are ticket vending machines. The station is being remodeled to make it more accessible for disabled persons.



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