Apostolic Assemblies of Christ

The Apostolic Assemblies of Christ, Inc.
Classification Protestant
Orientation Oneness PentecostalApostolic
Polity Episcopal
Region United States of America
Headquarters Detroit, MI, USA
Founder George Marshall Boone
Origin 1970, Detroit
Detroit, MI
Branched from Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith
Congregations est. 259
Members est. 50,000
Official website http://www.apostolicassembliesofchrist.com

The Apostolic Assemblies of Christ, Inc., Incorporated (AAofC), is a Christian church in the Oneness Pentecostal tradition. The church is episcopal in governance. The Apostolic Assemblies of Christ was founded as an ecclesiastical corporation under the statues of the non-profit corporation laws of the United States. The purpose of the founding of the corporation was to provide an Ecclesiastical Body where all churches could feel free to worship God and where all churches would have representations on all levels. The Founder & Presiding Bishop (Emeritus) G. M. Boone started with 7 Churches and currently there are 259 Churches worldwide. From the beginning, the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ had a set goal and purpose to its very existence in order to exalt the name of Jesus Christ. The organization's headquarters is located in Detroit, MI.


The Apostolic Assemblies of Christ, Inc.(AAofC) is a predominantly African-American Pentecostal Christian denomination. Founded on March 20, 1970, by Presiding Bishop G.M. Boone. The Meeting was held at the New Liberty Apostolic Faith Church in Detroit, Michigan. When founded, The A. A. of C. had 7 Churches & 3 States namely:

**The Apostolic Assemblies of Christ was named by Pastor Parilee Mitchell.


The Apostolic Assemblies of Christ teaches and preaches the baptism by both water and fire: the baptism is in the name of Jesus and the infilling of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Presiding Bishop's

Executive Structure

The church has corporate officers, which include the president, vice president, general secretary and treasurer.

Ecclesiastical Structure

The leadership of the AAofC consists of a Presiding Bishop and a Board of Bishops. The board also includes emeritus bishops who once served but are either semi or fully retired.

Under the oversight of the Board of Bishops are geographical units called Councils. Councils correspond to state or national boundaries and each council is headed by a Diocesan Bishop, who is appointed by the Board of Bishops. A diocesan bishop can have assistants, called Jurisdictional Bishops. These Jurisdictional Bishops hold only the authority given them by the Diocesan Bishop. Typically they will have authority over a region or part of a state. Reporting under the Jurisdictional Bishop are District Elders, who oversee and assist the elders (pastors and their churches) in his district.

Current Councils

Women in Ministry

Women in Ministry are recognized and widely accepted. Women are given liberty to function as Licensed Ministers, Ordained Evangelist, and Pastors. They can also hold Council & National Offices. However, according to the by-laws they cannot hold the Episcopal ranks of District Elder, Suffragan Bishop, or Bishop.

Auxiliary Departments

Auxiliary Bishops

A. A. of C. Calendar of Events

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