Anova-Nationalist Brotherhood

Anova-Nationalist Brotherhood
Anova-Irmandade Nacionalista
Spokesperson Xosé Manuel Beiras
Founded 2012 (2012)
Headquarters Santiago de Compostela
Student wing Galician Student League
Youth wing Mocidade de Anova and Xeira
Ideology Galician nationalism
Galician independence
Left-wing nationalism
Political position Left-wing
European Parliament group European United Left–Nordic Green Left
Trade union affiliation Confederación Intersindical Galega (CIG) and Central Unitaria de Traballadores
Colors Light blue
European Parliament
1 / 54

Inside Plural Left

Galician Parliament
2 / 75

Inside En Marea

Mayors in Galicia
5 / 314


Town councillors
22 / 3,766


Congreso de los Diputados
2 / 23

Inside En Marea[3]


Anova-Nationalist Brotherhood (Galician: ANOVA-Irmandade Nacionalista, Anova) is a political party of Galicia. Formed in 2012, under the guidance of historical leader Xosé Manuel Beiras, Anova was formed by Encontro Irmandiño (2012 split of the BNG), the FPG, Movemento pola Base (small 2009 split of the BNG), the Galician Workers Front (2012 split of the BNG) and independent militants. Anova defines itself as a Galician nationalist, socialist, feminist, Galician "independentist", ecologist and internationalist organization. Its internal organization is run by assemblies.

To contest the 2012 Galician parliamentary election, Anova decided to form a coalition with the United Left, Equo, and the Espazo Ecosocialista Galego. The coalition was called Galician Left Alternative; it won 9 seats (5 United Left, 4 Anova), becoming the third-largest party in the Galician Parliament, displacing the Galician Nationalist Bloc, and coming second in most of the major cities of Galicia.[4]

In 2014 a critical political organization within the party, called CERNA, was created. CERNA left the party after the results of the second National Assembly of Anova.[5][6]

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  1. The mayor of Santiago de Compostela was elected on the Compostela Aberta list. The mayor of Sada was elected on the Sadamaioría list. The mayors of Teo, Val do Dubra, and Manzaneda were elected on separate Anova-IN lists.
  2. Only the local representatives elected in the Anova-SON or Anova-Irmandade Nacionalista separate lists. In most of Galicia, Anova supported the local Mareas and citizen candidacies, which means that the actual number of town councillors belonging to or supported by the organization is higher.
  3. Los partidos de En Marea consuman el reparto de listas .
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