Another Country (Cassandra Wilson album)

Another Country
Studio album by Cassandra Wilson, Fabrizio Sotti

Another Country is a 2012 album by singer Cassandra Wilson, featuring the guitar, songwriting and production of Italian guitarist and producer Fabrizio Sotti.

The album features a blend of new songs, instrumentals and arrangements that resulted from the collaboration between Sotti and Wilson. The final track, “Olomuroro” also features backup vocals from the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts Chamber Choir.[1][2]

The album was recorded in Florence, Italy and New Orleans, Louisiana, and was mixed by Piety Street engineer John Fischbach. The album was released by Ojah Media Group and E1 Entertainment.[3]

Track listing

  1. Red Guitar (Cassandra Wilson)
  2. No More Blues (Wilson, Fabrizio Sotti)
  3. O Sole Mio (Arranged by Wilson and Sotti)
  4. Deep Blue (Sotti)
  5. Almost Twelve (Wilson, Sotti)
  6. Passion (Wilson, Sotti)
  7. When Will I See You Again (Wilson, Sotti)
  8. Another Country (Wilson, Sotti)
  9. Letting You Go (Sotti)
  10. Olomuroro (Wilson, Sotti, Olalekan Babalola)



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