Type of site
Online movie database
Available in Russian, English
Alexa rank 553,035 (48,472 within Russia)[1]
Commercial no
Registration Russia Russia
Current status active is a Russian website chronicling the films, people and studios of the animation industry in Russia, the former Soviet Union and (to a lesser extent) the CIS. It also includes a forum, a news block, a photo-gallery and an animators labour exchange. The database is available in Russian and English, while the other sections are Russian-language only.

It was founded with the financial support of the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of Russia.

Its earliest records come from 1912 (the films of Ladislas Starevich).[2] Much of the information in it is not documented by bigger English-language film databases such as IMDB.

The website has a Yandex citing index of 1700.[3]

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