Andy Siege

Andy Siege
Born Andreas Madjid siege
(1985-03-05) March 5, 1985
Nairobi, Kenya
Nationality German
Education Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Vancouver Island University, Master of Arts in Contemporary European Politics from the University of Bath, Certificate in Motion Picture Production from Pacific Film And Media Academy
Known for Beti and Amare (2014)
Notable work Beti and Amare (2014)
Awards River Admiration Award

Andy Siege (Born Andreas Madjid Siege, 1985, in Nairobi, Kenya) is an award winning director. His debut feature film Beti and Amare (2014), which he directed, wrote, cinematographed, edited and acted in, was made with a 14,000 euro budget. So far, it has been nominated for the Golden St. George Award at the 36th Moscow International Film Festival and has been featured in the Official Selection of prestigious film festivals around the world, including the BFI London Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, and the Montreal World Film Festival. It has won the River Admiration Award at the Silent River Film Festival and was nominated for the hessian film prize. It has gone on to a theatrical release in south africa and germany.

Notable work

Beti and Amare is a historical science-fiction film set in 1936 Ethiopia. Beti, a young Ethiopian girl has escaped Mussolini's troops and found refuge in the peaceful south of Ethiopia. As the Italians march ever closer Beti, has to battle hunger, thirst, and the unwelcome sexual advances of the local militia. When the situation threatens to escalate towards the unthinkable, a spaceship cracks through the clouds... its cargo... love. This micro-budget gem is filled with many powerful moments made up of stunning, intense and thought provoking imagery, a unique but professional score and sound-design, masterful acting, and a hugely impressive directorial debut by Andy Siege.[1]


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