Andrew Kuchins

Andrew Carrigan Kuchins
Born (1959-02-13) February 13, 1959[1]
Nationality USA
Education Amherst College
Occupation Director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies[2]
Known for Claiming in 2007 that Vladimir Putin could be killed before the presidential election in 2008[3][4][5][6]

Andrew Carrigan Kuchins is an American political scientist, expert on Russian politics and Kremlinologist. He is an internationally renowned expert on Russian foreign and domestic policies who publishes widely and is frequently called on by business, government, media, and academic leaders for comment and consulting on Russian and Eurasian affairs.[2]

Kuchins was the Director of the Russian and Eurasian Program and a Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC. Previously, he was Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center.[7] As of 2009, he holds this position at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.[2]

In December 2007, Kuchins wrote a controversial report in which he developed a scenario where Vladimir Putin could be killed before the Russian presidential elections in 2008:[4]

Russia and the world were stunned by the assassination of Vladimir Putin as he walked out of a midnight mass at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow on January 7, 2008.
Andrew C. Kuchins[3]


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