Andrew Harris (musician)

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Andrew Harris
Also known as Akhenaten, Dawn of Armageddon
Origin DeKalb, Illinois, United States
Genres Black metal, death metal
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards
Years active 1992–2003
Labels Breath of Night, Moribund, No Colours, Sombre, Pagan, Elegy, Red Stream Inc., Spikekult, Painiac, Pulverizer, Blut & Eisen Productions, Nightfall, Blood Fire Death
Associated acts Judas Iscariot, Sarcophagus, Weltmacht, Seeds of Hate, Debauchery, Desolation Hymn, Flagellator, Nargaroth

Andrew Harris is an American vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from DeKalb, Illinois, who recorded and performed under the pseudonym "Akhenaten" (after the Egyptian Pharaoh of the same name). He established himself on the black metal underground especially with his now-defunct solo project Judas Iscariot (1992–2002). During the same period, Harris also recorded and/or performed with Sarcophagus (1991–2001), Weltmacht (1998–2002), and Seeds of Hate (1999–2001, under the name "Dawn of Armageddon"). After the demise of Judas Iscariot, he abandoned the stage name "Akhenaten" in order to ensure that subsequent projects would not "suffer in the shadows of Judas Iscariot".[1] After ending Judas Iscariot, Harris had a few other musical projects, including Debauchery (2003),[2] Desolation Hymn (2003), and Flagellator (2001–2003). He was also live session bassist for Nargaroth in 2002. All recorded releases ceased after the beginning of 2003.


With Judas Iscariot

Date of release Title Record label
1992 Heidegger (Demo) Self-released
1993 Demo Self-released
1996 Arise, My Lord (EP) Breath Of Night / Moribund Records
1996 The Cold Earth Slept Below Moribund Records
1996 Thy Dying Light Moribund Records
1997 Of Great Eternity Elegy Records
1998 Distant in Solitary Night Moribund Records
1999 Judas Iscariot / Weltmacht (Split) Sombre Records
February 1999 Heaven in Flames Red Stream Inc.
2000 From Hateful Visions (Compilation) Pagan Records
2000 None Shall Escape the Wrath (Split) with Krieg/Eternal Majesty/Macabre Omen Spikekult Rekords
2000 Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten (EP) Red Stream Inc.
2000 Under the Black Sun (Live) Painiac Records
2001 To the Coming Age of Intolerance (Split) with Krieg Painiac Records
2002 March of the Apocalypse (EP) Sombre Records
2002 To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding Red Stream Inc.
July 2002 Moonlight Butchery (EP) No Colours Records
2003 Midnight Frost (To Rest With Eternity) (Compilation EP) Sombre Records

With Sarcophagus

Date of release Title Record label
1993 Sarcophagus (Demo) Self-released
1994 Deadnoise (Demo) Self-released
1995 Apathy (Demo) Self-released
1995 Der Ubermensch (Demo) Self-released
1996 Sarcophagus / Deadnoise / Ubermensch (Compilation) Pulverizer Records
1996 For We... Who Are Consumed By The Darkness Pulverizer Records
1998 Requiem To The Death Of Passion Nightfall Records
2001 ...From The Ruin Of Paradise Blut & Eisen Productions

With Weltmacht

Date of release Title Record label
1999 Judas Iscariot / Weltmacht (Split) Sombre Records
1999 Ancient Hatred (Demo) Self-released
2001 The Call to Battle Elegy Records
April 2003 And to Every Beast Its Prey No Colours Records

With Seeds of Hate

Date of release Title Record label
2000 Satanic Legions (Demo) Self-released
2002 Persecution of Christian Filth Drakkar Productions / Sombre Records

With Desolation Hymn

Date of release Title Record label
2003 Purgatory Despairing Blood Fire Death

With Debauchery

Date of release Title Record label
2003 Dead Scream Symphony Blood Fire Death


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