Andrea Foulkes

Andrea Foulkes
Born Stoke-on-Trent
Show Have I Been Here Before?
Network ITV
Country UK

Andrea Foulkes is a British past life regression therapist who is a co-host of Have I Been Here Before?, an ITV daytime television show. In the show celebrities are led by Foulkes to re-experience their past lives.

She was born in Stoke-on-Trent and grew up in Hough.[1] She worked at a salon in Nantwich, before becoming a fashion model, and living in Milan and then London.[1] She modelled frequently on the shopping channel QVC and appeared in numerous commercials.[1]

After attending mediumistic sessions, she claims to have discovered her intuitive and healing abilities.[2] She was violently mugged outside her flat, and later said this experience was a trigger that caused her to give up modelling and focus on the 'inner world' of spirituality.[1] In 2003 she appeared on Kilroy to speak about her experiences.[1]

She appeared on the television show This Morning for a year before the start of Have I Been here Before? [3] Celebrities such as John Barrowman, David Seaman, and Jennie Bond appeared on the show, and Foulkes told them they had lived previous lives as a circus clown, Richard the Lionheart, and a destitute girl.

On 22 September 2009, she founded the 'World Peace Meditation Day', and was given an award by the Women's Federation for World Peace.[1]


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