Tha Chang District, Surat Thani

Tha Chang

Amphoe location in Surat Thani Province
Coordinates: 9°16′51″N 99°12′3″E / 9.28083°N 99.20083°E / 9.28083; 99.20083Coordinates: 9°16′51″N 99°12′3″E / 9.28083°N 99.20083°E / 9.28083; 99.20083
Country  Thailand
Province Surat Thani
Seat Khao Than
  Total 1,167.7 km2 (450.9 sq mi)
Population (2005)
  Total 31,013
  Density 26.56/km2 (68.8/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 84150
Geocode 8411

Tha Chang (Thai: ท่าฉาง) is a district (Amphoe) in the west of Surat Thani Province of southern Thailand.

Neighboring districts are Chaiya to the north, the Bandon Bay to the east, Phunphin, Vibhavadi and Ban Ta Khun to the south, and to the west the district Kapoe of Ranong Province.


The minor district (King Amphoe) was created on July 31, 1908, consisting of the tambon Than, Pak Chalui and Sawiat of Phum Riang district and Tha Khoei, Tha Chang and Khlong Sai of Phunphin district. The minor district was made a subordinate of Phum Riang district.[1] It was upgraded to a full district on August 1, 1938.[2]


The district extends from the coast to the Bandon Bay in the east till the ridge of the Phuket mountain range, which forms the boundary between the provinces Surat Thani and Ranong. Located in these hills is the Kaeng Krung National Park.

The district is crossed by the southern railway, as well as Asian highway AH2.


The district is subdivided into 6 subdistricts (tambon), which in turn are subdivided into 46 villages (muban). Each of the tambon is administrated by a Tambon Administrative Organization (TAO), Tha Chang itself also has township (thesaban tambon) status and covers parts of tambon Tha Chang and Khao Than.

No. Name Thai name Villages Inh.
1.Tha Changท่าฉาง55,256
2.Tha Khoeiท่าเคย115,703
3.Khlong Saiคลองไทร 94,978
4.Khao Thanเขาถ่าน64,613
6.Pak Chalui ปากฉลุย65,496


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