Amogh carbine

OFB Amogh Carbine

Amogh carbine (top) at defense expo
Type Carbine
Place of origin  India
Service history
Used by Indian Coast Guard
Production history
Designer Indian Ordnance Factory
Unit cost unknown
Weight 2.95 kg (6.5 lb) empty[1]
3.27 kg (7.2 lb) with 30 rounds[1]
Length 800 mm (31 in) (stock extended)
575 mm (22.6 in) (stock folded)[1]
Crew 1

Cartridge 5.56×30mm MINSAS[1]
Caliber 5.56 mm (.223 in)[1]
Barrels 1
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt, Closed Breech[1]
Rate of fire 700 round/min cyclic[1]
Muzzle velocity 700 m/s (2,300 ft/s)[1]
Effective firing range 200 m (220 yd)[1]
Feed system 30-round box magazine
Sights Open Sights or Reflex sights

The OFB Amogh Carbine is a 5.56×30mm full automatic carbine designed & developed by Ordnance Factories Board. It is a derivative of the Excalibur rifle, which in turn is a development of the INSAS.


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