American Zeitgeist

This article refers to the movie about the war on terror. For the movie on "social myths", see Zeitgeist, the Movie. For other uses, see Zeitgeist (disambiguation).
American Zeitgeist

Film Poster
Directed by Rob McGann
Produced by Rob McGann
Music by Ravi Krishnaswami
Edited by Deborah Barkow
Doug Rossini
Running time
Language English

American Zeitgeist is a 2006 documentary film by Rob McGann. It discusses the war on terror and religion. It was the winner to the best feature-length documentary at the Houston International Film Festival.


Tariq Ali
Paul Berman
Richard Bulliet
Noam Chomsky
Steve Coll
Hamid Dabashi
David Frum
Christopher Hitchens
Samantha Power
Craig Unger

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