American Journal of Medical Genetics

Not to be confused with Journal of Medical Genetics.
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, B, & C  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Am. J. Med. Genet.
Discipline Human genetics
Language English
Edited by A & C: John C. Carey, B: Ming T. Tsuang, Stephen Faraone
Publication details
Wiley-Liss (United States)
Publication history
Frequency 24/year
Part A
ISSN 1552-4833 (print)
1552-4825 (web)
Part B
ISSN 1552-4841 (print)
1552-485X (web)
Part C
ISSN 1552-4868 (print)
1552-4876 (web)

American Journal of Medical Genetics is a peer-reviewed medical journal dealing with human genetics published in three separate sections (parts) by Wiley-Liss:

Until 1996 they were one journal under the name American Journal of Medical Genetics, when they split into Part A and Part B. Part C was established in 1999.

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