Alice Ludwig

Alice Ludwig
Born 15 January 1910
Berlin, German Empire
Died 2 November 1973 (1973-11-03) (aged 63)
Lütjensee, Schleswig-Holstein
West Germany
Other names Alice Ludwig-Rasch
Alice Ludwig Rasch
Alice Rasch
Occupation Editor
Years active 1932–1973

Alice Ludwig (or Alice Ludwig-Rasch) (15 January 1910 – 2 November 1973) was a German film editor who worked on many films and television series between 1932 and 1973. After first entering the film industry during the Weimar Republic, she worked continuously during the Nazi era. Following the Second World War she edited Marriage in the Shadows (1946), an anti-Nazi work of the rubble film period.[1] Much of her later film work was in popular melodramas such as Gabriela (1950). From the 1960s onwards she switched to working in television, her final employment being the editing over fifty episodes of the crime series Hamburg Transit.

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