Algonkian Writers Conference

The Algonkian Writers Conference holds more than one writing workshop at Algonkian Park and several other events throughout the year for writers in all genres. The conference philosophy emphasizes a strong syllabus, narrative craft, small group workshops, market knowledge, instruction in literary dramatic technique, and feedback exclusively from professionals.

Algonkian began in 2002, at Algonkian Park in Virginia, part of the Potomac Heritage Trail. Workshops were small at first, but grew over time to include larger events in New York and California as well.

Present and past instructors include Robert Bausch, Tina Wexler, Paige Wheeler, Julie Doughty, Ellen Pepus, Howard Yoon, and Kenneth Atchity.

Past students include published and soon-to-be published authors Gillian Royes, Roberta Gately, Ann Garvin, Sujatha Hampton, Brandi Reissenweber, and Talia Carner.

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