Algeria–Russia relations

Algeria–Russia relations



Algeria–Russia relations (Russian: Российско–алжирские отношения)(Arabic: العلاقات الروسية الجزائرية) refers to the bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Algeria and Russia. Russia has an embassy in Algiers and a consulate in Annaba, and Algeria has an embassy in Moscow. Algeria currently enjoys very strong relations with Russia.


Throughout the Algerian War of Independence, the Soviet Union had been providing military, technical and material assistance to Algeria. The USSR was the first country in the world to de facto recognize the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic in October 1960, and then de jure on March 23, 1962, by establishing diplomatic relations with this country (a few months before the official proclamation of its independence).

In December 1963, the Soviet Union and Algeria signed an agreement on economical and technical cooperation. The USSR committed itself to providing assistance in reconstructing and building industrial plants, agricultural development, geological exploration, personnel training etc. The Soviet Union granted Algeria a long-term loan in the amount of 90 million rubles. In May 1964, the countries signed an agreement, under which the USSR agreed to provide technical assistance in the construction of a metallurgical plant in the city of Annaba (another long-term loan of 115 million rubles was granted for these needs).

The head of the Algerian Government Houari Boumediène visited the Soviet Union in December 1965 and June–July 1967. The Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Nikolai Podgorny paid an official visit to Algeria in late March - early April 1969.

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