Algemeen Handelsblad

Algemeen Handelsblad

Paleisstraat (Amsterdam)
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Nederlandse Dagbladunie (1962–1970)
Founded 1828
Political alignment Liberal
Language Dutch
Ceased publication 1 October 1970
Headquarters Amsterdam
People reading Algemeen Handelsblad

Algemeen Handelsblad was an influential Amsterdam-based liberal daily newspaper published between 1828 and 1970.

History and profile

Algemeen Handelsblad was founded in 1828[1] by J.W. van den Biesen, a stock broker.[2] The paper aimed at providing news about trade, share holding and banking.[2] Later its coverage was expanded to cover political news.[2]

At the peak of its influence—from the time of the Boer War, when it championed the Boer cause in South Africa, through World War I -- it was edited by Charles Boissevain. The paper had a liberal stance.[1]

Algemeen Handelsblad merged in 1970 with the Rotterdam-based liberal daily newspaper Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant into the NRC Handelsblad.[1][3]

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