Alfred Music

Alfred Music
Founded 1922
Founder Albert Joseph Piantadosi
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California
Official website

Alfred Music is a music publishing company. Founded in New York in 1922, it is headquartered in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, with additional branches in Miami, New York, Nashville, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.


The company was founded in New York by composer and musician Albert Joseph Piantadosi in 1922 and purchased in 1928 by violinist Samuel Manus (1883–1948). When clarinetist and pianist Morty Manus (né Morton Manus; 1926–2016) began working for his father's company in the 1950s, he began focusing company efforts on the education market.[1] In 1975, the firm moved to larger offices in Los Angeles. In 1980, with growing sales, the company went international.

In 2002, the company partnered with Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, and in 2005 it acquired Warner Bros. Publications from the Warner Music Group,[2] again expanding its business.[1][3]

Alfred Music was acquired by Peaksware Holdings, LLC in 2016. Ron Manus, of Alfred Music, will remain with Alfred in a new role as chief business development officer, reporting to CEO Gear Fisher.

Behind the Player

Behind the Player is a series of DVDs from Alfred Music Publishing, consisting of conversations with and bona fide song instruction from hard rock guitarists.[4]


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