Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology – Volume 4

Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology - Volume 4

Volume 4 cover
Author Eleanor Sullivan
Country United States
Language English
Series Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology
Genre Short Stories, crime fiction, detective fiction
Publisher Davis Publications, Inc.
Publication date
Spring-Summer, 1979
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 352 pp
Preceded by AHA: Volume 3
Followed by AHA: Volume 5

Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology – Volume 4 is the fourth installment of Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology, one of the many Alfred Hitchcock story collection books; edited by Eleanor Sullivan. Originally published in hardcover as Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Scare You Stiff in 1978,[1] the book includes 26 short stories and a short novel called The Graveyard Shift by William P. McGivern. Also, within the 26 short stories is The Green Heart by Jack Ritchie which was made into the 1971 film A New Leaf.


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