Alford and Sutton Tramway

Alford and Sutton Tramway
Locale England
Dates of operation 18841889
Track gauge 2 ft 6 in (762 mm)
Length 8 miles
Headquarters Alford
Alford & Sutton Tramway

The Alford and Sutton Tramway was a steam 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge street tramway between the seaside town of Sutton-on-Sea and the nearby Great Northern Railway line at Alford in Lincolnshire. It ran between 1884 and 1889.[1]

There were initially plans to extend the tramway to Chapel St Leonards and Skegness, but the construction of the standard gauge Willoughby and Sutton Railway in 1888 drew traffic from the tramway.[1]

On 7 December 1889 the Lincoln Gazette reported: "The Alford & Sutton Tramway have ceased to run their cars, ostensibly for the winter months, but really for an indefinite period....". [1]

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Coordinates: 53°17′13″N 0°14′19″E / 53.28692°N 0.2385°E / 53.28692; 0.2385

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