Alfonso I, Duke of Gandia

Alfonso de Aragon and Foix
Duke of Gandía
Tenure 1399–1412
Predecessor Pedro of Aragon and Anjou
Successor Alfonso of Aragon and Eiximenis
Count of Ribagorza
Tenure 1365–1412
Predecessor Pedro of Aragon and Anjou
Successor Alfonso of Aragon and Eiximenis
Born 1332
Died 1412
Burial Collegiate Basilica of Gandia
Spouse Violante Díaz de Arenós
Full name
Alfonso de Aragón y Foix, Alfonso "the Old", Alfons "el Vell".
House House of Aragon
Father Pedro IV of Ribagorza
Mother Isabel de Foix
Religion Roman Catholicism

Alfonso de Aragón y Foix (1332 - Gandia, 5 March 1412) [1] also called Alfonso I of Gandía "the old" and Alfonso IV of Ribagorza, was the eldest son of Count Pedro de Aragón y Anjou (Pedro IV of Ribagorza) and Juana of Foix. He was the grandson of James II of Aragon and cousin of Pedro IV "the Ceremonious". He held the titles of Duke of Gandia (from 1399), Count of Denia (since 1355), Count of Ribagorza (from 1361), Marquis of Villena (since 1366), and first Constable of Castile.

He was a claimant to the Crown of Aragon in the succession crisis that followed the death of Martin of Aragon with no children. Alfonso claimed the crown as senior male-line descendant of James II. Alfonso died before the crisis was resolved by the Compromise of Caspe; his claim was inherited by his brother, Juan of Aragon and Foix.

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