Alexander, Prince of Scotland

Alexander (21 January 1264 – 17 January 1284) was the son of Alexander III of Scotland and Margaret of England, and heir apparent to the throne of Scotland.

Alexander was born at Jedburgh. He married Margaret (died 1331), daughter of Guy, Count of Flanders, on 14 November 1282 at Roxburgh. No children were born of this union. He died at Lindores Abbey in 1284, and was buried at Dunfermline Abbey. His death created a succession crisis, as his younger brother David (1272–1281) had died at the age of 9, three years earlier, and his widowed father had no other legitimate sons. This caused Alexander's father to induce the Estates to recognise as his heir-presumptive Margaret, Maid of Norway, Alexander's niece by his sister Margaret, and to contract a second (childless) marriage to Yolande de Dreux on 1 November 1285.

Alexander's death had far reaching effects on Scotland. The ensuing succession crisis brought Scotland under the control of England and resulting in a war between the two countries.


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