Albany mayoral election, 2009

The Albany, New York mayoral election of 2009 occurred on November 3, 2009.

The Democratic party primary was held on September 15, 2009. Incumbent Mayor Gerald Jennings defeated Corey Ellis, a city council member, by a vote of 8,130 to 6,301.[1][2]

In the general election, Jennings (running on both the Democratic and Conservative Party lines) defeated Ellis (running as the Working Families Party candidate), and Republican Party candidate Nathan Lebron. Jennings got 10,466 votes in total, Ellis came in second with 4,801 votes, and LeBron got 1,178 votes; there were also a few dozen write-in votes.[3]

Albany, NY, Mayor Gerald Jennings, who was re-elected in 2009 to a 5th term.

Jennings, who was first elected mayor in 1993, was elected to his fifth four-year term.

In the municipal elections across the United States that year, many incumbent mayors were also re-elected.

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