Akilam nine

The Akilam nine is one of the sub-sections of Akilattirattu Ammanai the Primary scripture of Ayyavazhi. It describes the events taking place immediately before and at the time of incarnation of Vaikundar in the world.

Discussions with Vyakarar

Thirumal discussed with Isurar regarding his birth in the world. After that he called the saint Vyakarar and inquired about the events that took place in the world from the beginnings and also the events that will take place till the end of times. After Vyakarar detailed about these events, he inscribed those in a stone in the Kayilai.

Saints in Tiruchendur

As per the instructions given by Thirumal, many saints reached Chendur with him. After this, Thirumal beget a child in the ocean and sent him into the land of Detchanam for the purpose of destroying Kali. Seeing the arrival of Thirumal in Chendur, Arumugan gave him a warm welcome and requested that everyone stay back in Chendur. Hearing this, Narayanar appreciated the rule of Murugan and called him son-in-law. He then spoke with Isar and reached the shores of Chendur sea.

Incarnation of Vaikundar

After this, the saints brought the body in which Vaikundar will incarnate, to the place where Vishnu resided. The body was actually born in the majestic land of Detchanam. Thirumal went into the sea and merged with Lakshmi and beget Vaikundar. Vaikundar was born out of the sea of Tiruchendur and Thirumal gave him the fourth Vinchai.

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