Aishani or Aisani, or Aishiya (عیشانیه، عیسانیه) was a Kurdish dynasty that ruled 912–961 A.D. (300–350 A.H.) in parts of Kurdistan (western Iran) in areas such as Dinawar, Hamadan, Samghan, Sharizur etc. as far as Azarbaijan. Among its best known rulers are Wandad, Ghanim (or Ghanaym) and Daisam (Abu Salim Daisam). They were called Aishani after their ancestor Ahmad Aishani. The dynasties stronghold was at Kasan castle, probably near Sarpole Zahab.[1]

Aishanids whose rule lasted for about 50 years was a section of Barzikani Kurds, and was subsequently succeeded by the related Hasanwayhids.


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