Air Navigation and Engineering Company

Aircraft Navigation and Engineering Company Limited was a British aircraft manufacturer from its formation in 1919 to 1927.


The company was formed in 1919 when the Blériot & SPAD Manufacturing Company Limited was renamed. The company was based at Addlestone Surrey.

The Blériot aircraft company had opened a factory at Addlestone during World War I to make SPAD and Avro aircraft and in 1919 the company became the Air Navigation and Engineering Company Limited. One of the first products was a cyclecar designed by Herbert Jones and W.D. Marchant called the Blériot-Whippet.

In 1922 the company built a 10-seat biplane airliner (the Handasyde H.2) on behalf of the Handasyde Aircraft Company Limited. The company built a number of light aircraft, the first designed by W.S. Shackelton was the ANEC I flying in 1923. The aircraft were built at Addlestone then roaded to Brooklands for flight testing. The company stopped producing aircraft in 1926 and closed in 1927.

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