Agreement on Movement and Access

The Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) is an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), signed on 15 November 2005. The treaty aimed improvement of Palestinian freedom of movement and economic activity within the Palestinian territories, and open the Gaza–Egypt border.

Background and purposes

Following the Second Intifada that begun in 2000, Israel considerably restricted Palestinian freedom of movement within the Palestinian territories and between the Territories and the rest of the world. To improve the life conditions of the Palestinians and further the peace negotiations, the parties concluded the "Agreement on Movement and Access": ″an agreement on facilitating the movement of people and goods within the Palestinian Territories and on opening an international crossing on the Gaza-Egypt border that will put the Palestinians in control of the entry and exit of people.″ The stated goal was ″To promote peaceful economic development and improve the humanitarian situation on the ground″.[1]

Part of the agreement were the Agreed Principles for Rafah Crossing.

Content of the Agreement

The Agreed Principles for Rafah Crossing provided details concerning the Rafah crossing.


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