Agnes Sanford

Agnes Mary White Sanford (1898?-1982) is considered to be one of the principal founders of the Inner Healing Movement. She was the daughter of a Presbyterian missionary in China and the wife of the Episcopal priest Edgar L. Sanford. Her first book, The Healing Light, is often considered a classic in its field. Sanford was the mother of John A. Sanford (died 2005), the Jungian analyst and author of some 19 books about spirituality and psychotherapy.

Sanford was born in China, reportedly in 1898. She was a key figure in the Charismatic Movement in the United States during the 1960s through to about 1980, mainly through her writing. Her books include an autobiography titled Sealed Orders.


Sanford attended Peace College, which was at that time a two-year college. Subsequently she applied to Agnes Scott, but did not meet all of their requirements and was admitted as a non-degree (or "special" student) in the class of 1919. She studied there for two years.


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