Agave people

The Agave (also Crophy) are an ethnic group of Ghana, belonging to the Ewe peoples. They are mainly farmers living in the eastern Accra Plain, west of the Volta River and north of the Songaw Lagoon.[1]

The Agave people are one of the largest Ewe subgroups. They live in the southern part of the Volta region of the republic of Ghana. Currently they are located around the delta and estuary of the Volta River on both the east and the west banks.

The Agave people have fifteen clans and are traditionally ruled by a paramount chief, surrounded by warrior chiefs.

Originally they were part of the Agasuvi dynasty of the Adza Kingdom. Agave led the breakaway faction through many places including Ngortsie, Tsevie, Gafe, Agavedzi, Tsiame, Klidziand, and finally Agave Fedome.

They brought the divine elephant Ivory Royal Stool from Adza to Agave which is the soul of the Agave people.

The Agave have specialised in riverine and wetland activity. They share the same culture with the Ewes of Togo and Dahomey.


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