After the Storm (Crosby, Stills & Nash album)

After the Storm
Studio album by Crosby, Stills & Nash
Released August 16, 1994
Recorded January 27 – July 1, 1994
Genre Rock
Length 45:56
Label Atlantic
Producer Glyn Johns
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After the Storm
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After The Storm is the thirteenth album by Crosby, Stills & Nash, their fifth studio album in the trio configuration, released on Atlantic Records in 1994. It would be their last release on Atlantic, excepting reissues, for almost two decades. It peaked at #98 on the Billboard 200, the lowest charting position of their eight studio albums. It is also their lowest selling album, with sales near 200,000.[3] It is currently out of print, although it is available for streaming on Spotify.

Background and recording

CSN toured extensively in the early 1990s, playing over 200 shows from 1990 through 1992, but took a break in 1993.[4] In the interim since the group's previous album in 1990, Stills and Crosby had both issued solo albums, Stills Alone in 1991 and Crosby's Thousand Roads in 1993, while Nash had compiled the 1991 box set. With the 25th anniversary of the release of their debut album approaching, the group reconvened to have an album in stores during 1994.[5]:277

The album was recorded at studios in the Los Angeles area. "Only Waiting For You," "Camera," "It Won't Go Away," "In My Life," "Bad Boyz," "After The Storm," and "Panama" were recorded at O'Henry Sound Studios in Burbank, California. "Unequal Love," "Till It Shines," and "These Empty Days" were recorded at Jackson Browne's Groove Masters in Santa Monica, California. "Find A Dream" and "Street To Lean On" were recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood.

Content and reception

Unlike the group's previous album, all the compositions (other than a Beatles cover) are by the trio, with no outside writing contributions. The sessions were somewhat of a multi-generational affair, with Stills' children Jennifer and Christopher appearing as well as Ethan Johns, the son of the album's producer, Glyn Johns. Johns was the first producer to receive credit on a CSN album without the principals.

To promote After the Storm, the group played almost 100 concerts in 1994 including Woodstock '94, and played both The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with David Letterman.[5]:287 However, according to Nash, even with the high visibility of the Woodstock anniversary festival and the television appearances, Atlantic did little in the way of promotion, which contributed to the album's low sales.[5]:287 Like their previous album, it received middling to negative reviews from both critics and fans.[6] Also like their previous, none of these songs found a truly permanent place in the group's repertoire, with "Unequal Love" and "After the Storm" revisited a handful of times beyond the 1994 tours.[7]

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s)Lead Vocals Length
1. "Only Waiting for You"  Stephen StillsStills 3:57
2. "Find a Dream"  Graham NashNash 3:51
3. "Camera"  David Crosby, Stephen StillsCrosby 4:18
4. "Unequal Love"  Graham NashNash 4:44
5. "Till It Shines"  David CrosbyCrosby 4:19
6. "It Won't Go Away"  Stephen StillsStills with Crosby 4:17
7. "These Empty Days"  Graham Nash, David CrosbyStills with Crosby & Nash 2:30
8. "In My Life"  John Lennon, Paul McCartneyCrosby, Stills & Nash 2:20
9. "Street to Lean On"  David CrosbyCrosby 3:36
10. "Bad Boyz"  Stephen StillsStills 4:16
11. "After the Storm"  Graham NashNash 3:34
12. "Panama"  Stephen StillsStills with Crosby & Nash 4:15


Additional personnel


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