Regions with significant populations
Kharkiv, Donetsk, Kiev, Odessa
Ukrainian · Russian · Niger–Congo languages · English · French
Christianity, others

Afro-Ukrainians or Black Ukrainians (Ukrainian: Афроукраїнці, Ukrainian: Темношкірі Dark-skinned) are Ukrainians of dark-skinned African or American descent, including Black people who have settled in Ukraine and their mixed-race children. Black Ukrainians are multi-lingual knowing both Russian and Ukrainian aside of their native languages and aware of the cultural conflict in Ukraine between the Ukrainian and Russian languages.[1][2][3] Population of Afro-Ukrainians is rather insignificant and mostly concentrated in major cities of Ukraine.


Ukrainian word Nehr (Ukrainian: негр) is widely used and is a calque-form of the English Negro. It is considered a neutral term.

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