Afghan National Anthem

Pashto: ملی سرود
Dari: سرود ملی
English: Afghan National Anthem
Pashto: Milli Surood
Dari: Surūd-e Millī

National anthem of  Afghanistan

Lyrics Abdul Bari Jahani
Music Babrak Wassa
Adopted 2006

The Afghan National Anthem (Pashto: ملی سرود - Milli Surood; Persian: سرود ملی - "Surūd-e Millī") was adopted and officially announced by a Loya Jirga in May 2006. According to article 20 of the Afghan Constitution, the national anthem shall be in Pashto with the mention of "God is Greatest" as well as the names of the various tribes of Afghanistan.[1] The lyrics were written by Abdul Bari Jahani and the music was written by German-Afghan composer Babrak Wassa.[2]

Historic anthems

An anthem was adopted in 1973 after the abolition of the Afghan monarchy, when the Republic of Afghanistan was set up by President Daoud Khan. Its lyrics were written by Abdul Rauf Benawa and the music was composed by Abdul Ghafoor Breshna. Another anthem was adopted after the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was set up in 1978. Its lyrics were written by Sulaiman Layeq.

During the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan period, Afghanistan was in the unique position of having no national anthem, as the ruling Taliban outlawed music throughout the country.


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