Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Adv. Mater.
Discipline Materials Science
Language English
Edited by Peter Gregory
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Publication history
Frequency Weekly
ISSN 0935-9648 (print)
1521-4095 (web)

Advanced Materials is a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering materials science. It includes Communications, Reviews, and Feature Articles on topics in chemistry, physics, nanotechnology, ceramics, metallurgy, and biomaterials.[1]


The journal was founded in 1988 as a supplement in the general chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie and remained in that journal for the first 18 months of its existence. The Founding Editor was Peter Goelitz (the Editor of Angewandte Chemie). The current editor-in-chief is Peter Gregory. The editorial office is in Weinheim, Germany.

Originally publishing 12 issues per year (monthly), the journal switched to 15 issues in 1997, 18 issues in 1998, and 24 issues (biweekly) in 2000; in 2009, the journal saw further expansion and became to publish weekly, with 48 issues per year.[2]

Frequent topics covered by the journal also include liquid crystals, semiconductors, superconductors, optics, lasers, sensors, mesoporous materials, shape memory alloys, light-emitting materials, magnetic materials, thin films, and colloids.

Advanced Optical Materials

Advanced Optical Materials was issued as a section of Advanced Materials in 2012 and launched as an individual journal under the same name in 2013. Publishing formats for the section of Advanced Materials were three or four page (short) communications, detailed full papers, and reviews. The stated purpose of this section was to communicate significant discoveries which advance the fields of photonics, plasmonics, and metamaterials. Fundamental research is also covered.[3]

This section also covered topics related to these fields such as optical structures and devices of various scales. Complimentary topics included coatings, fluorescent materials, detectors, optical data storage, holography, laser materials, miniature resonators and cavities, fabrication methods, and other devices and principles.[3][4][5]

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