Adrenaline (album)

Studio album by Deftones
Released October 3, 1995
Length 47:06
Label Maverick
Producer Terry Date
Deftones chronology
Around the Fur
Singles from Adrenaline
  1. "7 Words"
    Released: December 17, 1995
  2. "Bored"
    Released: April 4, 1996

Adrenaline is the debut album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released in 1995 by Maverick Records. A hidden track on the album, "Fist", was produced by Ross Robinson, while the rest of the album was produced by Terry Date.[1] The album's cover art depicts an enema syringe.


Regarding the recording, drummer Abe Cunningham said, "At the time we did the first record – which I really like and think is good – you can tell the band was really young. We'd been playing most of those songs for quite a while, and we were just so happy to be making a record that we didn't really think a whole lot about making the songs better".[2] Frontman Chino Moreno felt that Adrenaline was recorded "really fast",[3] and he performed all his vocals live with the band in the room using a hand-held Shure SM58 microphone.[4]


"7 Words" was released as the first single from the album on December 17, 1995.[5]

"Bored" was issued as the second single on April 4, 1996.[6]

Music videos were released for "7 Words", "Bored", "Root" and fan favorite "Engine No. 9"; the latter song was also featured in the film Law Abiding Citizen.[7]

Covers by other bands

"Engine No. 9" was covered by Korn, Live and Suicide Silence.

Reception and sales

Professional ratings
Review scores
Drowned in Sound8/10[9]

In an AllMusic review of the album, Daniel Gioffre wrote, "Unlike many of their contemporaries, Deftones are very controlled even in the midst of chaos", adding, "Throw Abe Cunningham's surprisingly sophisticated drumming into the mix, and you have a band that possesses a far greater degree of nuance than most others that work in the genre".[8] He also noted that "there is a bit of sameness in Chino Moreno's whispered vocal melodies, which drags the record down a bit".[8]

In the book The Rough Guide to Heavy Metal, author Essi Berelian wrote that the album "still stands as one of the best examples of nu-metal".[10][11][9]

In critic Tim Karan's 20th anniversary assessment for Diffuser, he wrote: "For those who were swept up in the burgeoning nu-metal movement, 'Adrenaline' was a landmark, life-changing release. But Deftones never really were a true nu-metal band -- this album is more like hardcore-influenced post-hardcore than 'Nookie' -- and it only scratched at the surface of the experimental metal Deftones would soon step into".[12][13]

While the album was initially unsuccessful, extensive touring and word-of-mouth promotion built the band a dedicated fanbase and helped Adrenaline to sell over 220,000 copies.[14] When asked what he attributed the album's success to, bassist Chi Cheng responded, "One word: perseverance. We've been together for almost eight years, on the road for two and we do it with honesty and integrity – and the kids can tell".[15] The album was certified gold by the RIAA on July 7, 1999 in recognition of 500,000 units sold. It was eventually certified platinum on September 23, 2008 in recognition of 1,000,000 units sold.[16]

Track listing

All tracks written by Deftones. 

No. Title Length
1. "Bored"   4:06
2. "Minus Blindfold"   4:04
3. "One Weak"   4:29
4. "Nosebleed"   4:26
5. "Lifter"   4:43
6. "Root"   3:41
7. "7 Words"   3:43
8. "Birthmark"   4:18
9. "Engine No. 9"   3:25
10. "Fireal"   6:36
11. "Fist" (hidden track) 3:35
Total length:

"Fist" is currently misspelled "First" on several digital editions, as well as Japanese copies.[17] On Rhapsody, it is oddly titled "Opus 11".



Chart positions

Year Chart Peak
1996 Top Heatseekers[18] 23
2000 Catalog Albums Chart[19] 46


Country Certification
United Kingdom[20] Gold
United States[16] Platinum


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