Adobogiona the Elder

Born c. 90 BC
Died c. 50 BC
Spouse Menodotus
Issue Mithridates I of the Bosporus
Father Deiotarus
For other people with the same name, see Adobogiona (disambiguation).

Adobogiona (fl. c. 90 BC - c. 50 BC) was a Galatian princess from Anatolia. She was the daughter of a Celtic noble named Deiotarus and sister to Brogitarus from the Tolistobogii tribe. Her cousin was the tetrarch Deiotarus Philoromaios, a Roman client king of Galatia, who had a daughter of the same name.

Adobogiona married a wealthy patrician citizen from Pergamon called Menodotus. At some point, Adobogiona was rescued from poisoning at a banquet and became a mistress to King Mithridates VI of Pontus. Adobogiona bore Mithridates VI two children: a son called Mithridates of Pergamon and a daughter called Adobogiona the Younger.


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