Administrative divisions of the Chechen Republic

The administrative-territorial division of the Chechen Republic

This article lists the administrative divisions of the Chechen Republic, Russia.

Chechen Republic, Russia
Capital: Grozny
As of 2011:
# of districts
# of cities/towns
# of urban-type settlements
(посёлки городского типа)
# of rural administrations
(сельские администрации)
# of rural localities
(сельские населённые пункты)
# of uninhabited rural localities
(сельские населённые пункты без населения)

Cheberloyevsky and Galanchozhsky Districts were re-introduced into the Constitution of the Chechen Republic in November 2012 (after having been removed in December 2007); however, as of 2013, their borders and composition have not been officially defined.

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