Administrative divisions of Laos

Laos is divided into 17 provinces (khoueng) and one prefecture (kampheng nakhon) which includes the capital city Vientiane (Nakhon Louang Viangchan). Provinces are further divided into districts (muang) and then villages (ban). An 'urban' village is essentially a town.[1]

Provinces of Laos

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Subdivisions Capital Area (km²) Population
1 Attapeu Attapeu (Samakkhixay District) 10,320114,300
2 Bokeo Ban Houayxay (Houayxay District) 6,196149,700
3 Bolikhamsai Paksan (Paksane District) 14,863214,900
4 Champasak Pakse (Pakse District) 15,415575,600
5 Hua Phan Xam Neua (Xamneua District) 16,500322,200
6 Khammouane Thakhek (Thakhek District) 16,315358,800
7 Luang Namtha Luang Namtha (Namtha District) 9,325150,100
8 Luang Prabang Luang Prabang (Louangprabang District) 16,875408,800
9 Oudomxay Muang Xay (Xay District) 15,370275,300
10 Phongsali Phongsali (Phongsaly District) 16,270199,900
11 Sayabouly Sayabouly (Xayabury District) 16,389382,200
12 Salavan Salavan (Salavan District) 10,691336,600
13 Savannakhet Savannakhet (Khanthabouly District) 21,774721,500
14 Sekong Sekong (Lamarm District) 7,66583,600
15 Vientiane Capi. Vientiane City 3,920726,000
16 Vientiane Prov. Phonhong (Phonhong District) 15,927373,700
17 Xieng Khouang Phonsavan (Pek District) 15,880229,521
A clickable map of Laos exhibiting its provinces and prefecture.
Phongsaly Province Luang Prabang Province Oudomxay Province Luang Namtha Province Bokeo Province Sainyabuli Province Vientiane Province Vientiane Capital Houaphanh Province Xiangkhoang Province Bolikhamxai Province Khammouane Province Savannakhet Province Salavan Province Champasak Province Sekong Province Attapeu ProvinceA clickable map of Laos exhibiting its provinces.
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But now got 18 th The provinces. Xaysomboun province, Anuvong province.

Districts of Laos

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Each Laotian province is subdivided into districts (muang) and then subdivided into villages (baan).

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