Adam-Troy Castro

Adam-Troy Castro is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer[1] living in Palm Beach County, FL. He has more than one hundred stories to his credit and has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Stoker. These stories include four Spider-Man novels, including the Sinister Six trilogy, and stories involving characters of Andrea Cort, Ernst Vossoff, and Karl Nimmitz. Castro is also known for his Gustav Gloom series of middle-school novels and has also authored a reference book on The Amazing Race.



Short fiction


Castro's fiction has been nominated for eight Nebulas, two Hugos, two Seiuns, and three Stokers.

In 2007, Castro and Jerry Oltion won the Seiun Award for Best Foreign Language Short Story of the Year for "The Astronaut from Wyoming."

In 2009, Castro won the Philip K. Dick Award for Emissaries from the Dead.

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