Communist Party of Persia

For the Communist Party founded in Iran during the 1980s, see Communist Party of Iran.

The Communist Party of Iran was an Iranian communist party founded in June 1920 as the Communist Party of Persia in Bandar-e Anzali (the province of Gilan).

Haydar Khan e Amo-oghli, one of the leaders of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran, was elected as its general secretary. Its foundation came about as a result of the establishment of the Soviet Republic of Gilan, earlier that year, by Mirza Kouchak Khan and his Jangali ("Foresters' Movement") insurgents.

The party was banned in 1921 (coinciding with the defeat of the Soviet Republic of Gilan), though members continued activities underground until the foundation of the Tudeh Party in 1941, which thereafter became the official communist party in the country.

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