Action of 1 February 1625

Action of 1 February 1625
Part of Dutch-Portuguese War
Date1 to 24 February 1625
LocationPersian Gulf
Result Strategic Portuguese victory, Portugal regains control of the Persian Gulf.
Tactical Anglo-Dutch victory
Portugal Portugal England England
 Dutch Republic
Commanders and leaders
Portugal Rui Freire de Andrade
Portugal Álvaro Botelho
8 galleons
40 galleys
8 ships
Casualties and losses
262 killed 29 killed

The Action of one February 1625 was a naval engagement between a Portuguese fleet and an allied Anglo-Dutch fleet, that took place on 1 to 24 February 1625 in the Persian gulf. Although an allied tactical victory, with the Anglo-Dutch force inflicting several times their losses on the Portuguese, it resulted in a strategic Portuguese victory as they were able to regain the control of the Persian gulf.

Ships involved



Coordinates: 26°45′02″N 51°41′00″E / 26.750534°N 51.683428°E / 26.750534; 51.683428

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