Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships

The Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships are the World Championships for acrobatic gymnastics. Before 2006 they were known as the World Sports Acrobatics Championships

Year Games Host City Country Events First in the Medal Table Second in the Medal Table Third in the Medal Table
1974 I Moscow  Soviet Union 21  Soviet Union  Bulgaria  Poland
1976 II Saarbrücken  West Germany 27  Soviet Union  West Germany  Poland
1978 III Sofia  Bulgaria 21  Soviet Union  Bulgaria  Poland
1980 IV Poznań  Poland 21  Soviet Union  Bulgaria  Poland
1982 V London  Great Britain 21  Soviet Union  Bulgaria  Poland
1984 VI Sofia  Bulgaria 21  Soviet Union  Bulgaria  China
1986 VII Rennes  France 21  Soviet Union  Bulgaria  China
1988 VIII Antwerp  Belgium 21  Bulgaria  Soviet Union  China
1990 IX Augsburg  West Germany 21  Soviet Union  China  Bulgaria
1992 X Rennes  France 21  Russia  China  France
1994 XI Beijing  China 21  China  Russia  Ukraine
1995 XII Wrocław  Poland 21  Russia  China  Bulgaria
1996 XIII Riesa  Germany 21  China  Russia  Ukraine
1997 XIV Manchester  Great Britain 21  Russia  Ukraine  China
1998 XV Minsk  Belarus 21  Russia  United Kingdom  China
1999 XVI Ghent  Belgium 15  Russia  China  Ukraine
2000 XVII Wrocław  Poland 15  Russia  China  Bulgaria
2002 XVIII Riesa  Germany 5  Russia  China  Ukraine
 United Kingdom
2004 XIX Lievin  France 5  Russia  United States  United Kingdom
2006 XX Coimbra  Portugal 5  Russia  Ukraine  Belarus
2008 XXI Glasgow  Great Britain 5  Russia  Belarus  Ukraine
2010 XXII Wrocław  Poland 5  United Kingdom  Russia  Ukraine
2012 XXIII Lake Buena Vista  United States 5  Russia  United Kingdom  Belgium
2014 XXIV Levallois-Perret  France 5  Russia  United Kingdom  Belgium
2016 XXV Putian  China 5  Russia  China  Belarus
2018 XXVI Antwerp  Belgium Future event
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