Acclaimed Music
Type of site
Database and community
Available in English
Owner Henrik Franzon[1]
Created by Henrik Franzon[1]
Alexa rank Increase 588,650 (July 2016)[2]
Commercial No
Registration Forum only, optional and free
Launched September 2001
Current status Active

Acclaimed Music is a website created by Henrik Franzon, a statistician from Stockholm, Sweden[1][3][4] in September, 2001. Franzon has statistically aggregated hundreds of published lists that rank songs and albums into aggregated rankings by year, decade and all-time.[1][3][4][5][6][7][8] Lists that are submitted by readers to magazines or websites are excluded from the aggregation.[8] Author Michaelangelo Matos writes that "Franzon's methods are imperfect, but as indicators of overall critical appeal go, it's hard to beat."[3]

According to the site's most recently updated aggregated lists, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys is the most highly rated album of all time, and "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan is the most highly rated song of all time.[9][10] According to the site The Beatles is the most acclaimed band, Bob Dylan is the most acclaimed male artist, and Madonna is the most acclaimed female artist.[11]


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