Abortion in Cyprus

Abortion in Cyprus has been allowed with restrictions for decades, with the most recent laws dating from 1986.[1] Abortion is only performed in Cyprus if there is a risk of physical or mental harm to the mother, if there is a risk of fetal deformity, or if the patient was raped or had another sexual crime committed against them "affecting the social or family status."[2]

While there is no specific guideline limiting when abortion is permitted under Cypriot law,[2] in practice no abortions have been committed after the twenty-eighth week.[1] Cyprus has a natalist policy[1] and thus will not provide routine abortion procedures in state hospitals, so they are typically performed in private clinics, with hospitals only providing the procedure if the mother is at great risk.[2] As abortions are paid out of pocket by the woman undergoing the procedure, private practitioners can and have performed abortions outside the legal framework.[1][2]


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